Matt-e Voltage Optimiser Review

Matt-e Voltage Optimiser Review


The matt-e voltage optimiser review will show you how the Matt e voltage optimiser actually works. We will be going into details on the principal behind this technology, and how it will save you money on your electrical bills and increase the life times of all your electrical equipment.

matt e voltage optimiser review

Save Money On Bills

Let’s start in this matt-e voltage optimiser review with the explanation how this device works. The national grid in the UK is one of the oldest grids on Earth. With this age comes the varying voltages which are delivered to your home. The reason for these varying voltages are to do with the position of your property to the sub stations.

matt e voltage optimiser review

Imagine a street with properties numbered 1-10. Number 1 being at the top of the street near the substation. This will lead to number 1 receiving a higher amount of voltages. Also on top of this, if number 10 for instances decides to put his kettle, washing machine on, this will lead to an even higher voltage going to number 1.

Learn How In Our Matt e Voltage Optimiser Review

The reason for this is the power required to reach number 10 needs to be pushed further hence the higher voltages sent from the substation. Now let’s explain in this matt-e voltage optimiser review how we can solve this. Basically we install the matt-e voltage optimiser next to the consumer unit. The voltages coming into the house are directed through the matt-e voltage optimizer before the voltages are sent to the appliances.

matt e voltage optimiser review

Reduce Voltages & Power Consumption 

The result in installing this device will be lower electrical bills because the voltages being read by the electricity meter will be at a steady 220 volts instead of as high as 260 volts. Our matt-e voltage optimiser review aims to educate the public on how easy it is to lower their electricity bills and how easy it is to install.

A qualified electrician will fit a matt-e voltage optimiser in minutes with minimum disruption. Another advantage we wanted to talk about in our matt-e voltage optimiser review was the extended lives of appliances.

Prolong Appliances Life Times 

In other countries in Europe where a steady voltage is experienced, manufacturers of appliances will give a 5-year warranty. In the UK you will only receive a 1-year warranty because they know the spikes in the voltages will cause the appliances to wear out prematurely. House’s where light bulbs are always failing will tend to be in areas where the electric spikes more.

matt e voltage optimiser review

We hope our matt-e voltage optimiser review has given you the confidence to purchase one of our matt-e voltage optimizer and start saving money. Also you will enjoy much longer lives on your appliances. Just fill out your details below and one of our team will be in touch to advise you further.


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