Free Air Source Heat Pump ? No Its Funded

Funded Not Free Air Source Heat Pump

In fact it is Better Than a Free Air Source Heat Pump

We provide a 99% funded air source heat pump, which is better than a free air source heat pump. The reason being you can pay as little as £45.00 to have it fully installed and you will own 1% of the RHI payments. This can mean a return of £100, so not only do you get a fully installed air source heat pump which can save you £100’s a year in reduced bills. You can make a profit as well with the 1% RHI ownership.

free air source heat pump

How Do I qualify For a Funded Not Free Air Source Heat Pump?

To qualify for a ‘funded not free air source heat pump’ you need to be;

1) Homeowner 

2) Live in a Detached 3+ Bedroom Property or a large Semi Detached Property.

3) Have a ‘Heat Demand’ on the properties EPC for ‘Space Heating’ between 15,000 KW/H and 20,000+ KW/H

If you do not have a up to date EPC (energy performance certificate) we can have one done for the property for free if the house meets the criteria 1 and 2. 

free air source heat pump


It Sounds Too Good to Be True

Many people ask this question about our funded not free air source heat pump offer. Let us explain how it is possible for a business to offer these air source heat pumps at this low cost. If you purchased a system yourself it will cost you many £1,000’s, as much as £12,000. How-ever if you did you would own 100% of the renewable heat incentive (RHI). These payments will be around £10,000 paid to you over 7 years. On top of this you would receive a monitoring payment of approx. £1750 over 7 years.

free air source heat pump

What we offer is to pay for the system ourselves at a trade price due to the volume we buy per year. You would then sign over 99% of the RHI payments and monitoring payments to us. This leaves us as a company enough profit spread over the 7 years of the RHI and monitoring payments to make it worth-while. Because of this you get a funded but not free air source heat pump. 

How Does an Air Source Heat Pump Work?

Simply put it work like a fridge in reverse. The fridge in your house will extract the heat from your food and pump it out via a vent which gets hot. An air source heat pump works a lot like this. Inside the pump, we have a super cooled liquid of around minus – 40 degrees. This liquid has a very low boiling point. So much so that any ambient temperature in the UK is high enough to make it boil.

free air source heat pump

Once this liquid reaches its boiling point it turns into a gas, this gas goes through a compressor which increases the temperature sufficiently to warm the water which is plumbed into the air source heat pump. This water is plumbed into the existing central heating system and heats the radiators. The radiators run at a lower efficient temperature which is sufficient to heat the property to the desired temperature.

With our funded not free air source heat pump offer we will also replace any radiators which are not effective enough. This is all part of the deal and will not cost you more.

free air source heat pump


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October 2020

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